Replacement Pads and Brushes for your Floor Scrubber

Order your replacement floor pads, rotary disc, and orbital brushes for your floor equipment.

Needing new brushes for your Clarke, Tennant, Nobles, or Advance floor scrubber?  We have OEM and aftermarket replacement brushes and pad drivers, pad clip and holders.  Order genuine Malish or quality OEM parts from Tex Pro Polish

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Floor Pads

Floor pads are ideal for cleaning, stripping, buffing and polishing many floor types. Equip your floor machine with our floor pads and see the difference in performance and quality

We offer a wide range of floor pads for daily cleaning, burnishing and project work.  Scrubbing pad are organized from least aggressive to most aggressive. Brown and black stripping pads are used for conventional chemical stripping applications. Grout pads are a good solution for daily cleaning and work to dig into grout line to loosen soils. These are a less expensive option to using brushes. Maroon pads are aggressive pads typically used on orbital floor machines and scrubbers to remove floor finish. Melamine pads are a great problem solver too hard to clean soils and marks on the floor. Sanding screens are used to abrade wood floor finishes for recoating.

We stock many different pads, sanding screens and sandpaper. We are here to help get your job done!

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A global leader in floor care products, The Malish Corporation offers a broad line of cylinder brushes, rotary/disc brushes and accessories for commercial floor machines.  From pad drivers to color-coded grit brushes to carpet cleaning brushes, the industry has turned to Malish for quality and innovation since 1945

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Pad and brush maintenance tips

No scrubber brush or pad will last forever, but the life of each can be extended with a few maintenance tips.

Pad Cleaning Tips

Both pads and brushes should be cleaned before the next use as the debris, finish, and stripper from any floor gets up inside the pad or the brush. Pads are meant to be flipped (used on both sides), but still have a limited life span.  Life span will depend on a lot of conditions such as the dirtiness of the floor, how often it’s cleaned, how solid the finish is, and how fast the operator runs the machine. The best way to tell is when the pad needs to be replaced in when loses its effectiveness in cleaning and take more passes to clean and area or it has lost about 50 percent of its weight and thickness.


Don’t leave any pad on with the machine’s full weight on it. Try to keep from scrubbing the pad edges against shelving and from driving over sharp items as this can rip a pad very quickly. A pad can be thrown away after both sides are used.

Pads need to be cleaned in specific ways based on use. Soaking them in cleaning or stripping solution is not recommended as it will break them down. Simply use hot water and a garden nozzle to remove soils and finish from building up on the pad. Rinse it, brush it and hang it to dry after each use. If you are using a natural fiber pad, don’t rinse it. Just brush it and hang it up for the next use. Do this before finish or soil dries on the pad. If this can’t be done immediately, place dirty pads in a plastic liner bag so they remain moist until cleaning can occur.

Brush Cleaning Tips

A brush is a larger investment so much care should be taken to extend its life. Rotating them on a weekly basis goes a long way toward getting the most out of them. This also ensures that the brushes are effectively scrubbing. If brush rotation doesn’t occur, the bristles will begin to wear more on one side allowing the bristles to start to bend in the opposite direction that the brush spins causing a  loss of brush power. Clean brushes well after each use while still moist, no not allow debris and floor finish to dry on the bristles. Clean them with hot water and a powerful garden nozzle and then lay them or hang them to dry.

When the bristles fray and there is debris packed into them, or the bristles are just too short. it is time to replace.

These tips will allow a longer use of pads and brushes but they all will eventually need replacement with use.